NewTech 30MP 4k Solar-Powered Trail Camera


30MP 4K Solar Powered Camera

Capture crystal clear images and video with the NewTech 30MP 4K solar powered camera. The T300 is packed with amazing features as well as a user-friendly application. The major advantage the T300 has over its competitors is a built-in lithium-ion battery which can be charged with the solar equipped roof of the camera or simply by plugging it into AC power.

We have personally tested this product in the field for 1 year without changing batteries once, which other trail camera has this claim to fame.

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4k Solar-Powered Trail Camera

The T300 also has the option for AA batteries to support the load on the lithium-ion battery in icy conditions. Generally, we have found that in South Africa it is seldom required to use AA batteries because of our sunny conditions year-round, however the AA batteries are a good safeguard in winter months when the temperatures drop. You will never miss the perfects shots with a double back up battery system.

The T300 is equipped with an amazing 4k resolution video recorder and 30-megapixel camera. You will be the new ’cool kid’ on the
block with the best videos and images. Featuring a premium optical lens and a cutting-edge image sensor, this trail camera captures 30MP pictures and 4K video during day and night, recording higher quality and exciting visual details. You can install a Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB. (Not included) The video is in MP4 format and can be compatible with any player. Whether you are looking for action day or night, we have you covered.

The T300 is equipped with (36pcs 850nm) LEDs for advanced night vision. The 36pcs 850nm infrared LED, provides a night vision range of up to 65ft, which ensures clear night images and videos in total darkness. Worried about the weather, fear no more. With IP66 waterproof rating and rugged casing, your trail camera is always protected from rain and dust. (Tips: SD cards need to be formatted on the computer and camera before using)

The T300 works seamlessly with our APP and allows the user not to interfere with the camera once it is set up. Simply go within range (20m) of the camera and download all images and video directly onto your mobile device. The Live view also ensures that you have placed your camera perfectly to capture the stunning shots for your application.

Special Features:
– Rechargeable and solar equipped
– App with WI-FI and Bluetooth
– 4k Video and 30MP Photo
– Supports AA batteries
– Supports 10 continues shots
– Time Lapse
– Advanced night vision
– 120-degree angle lens

T300 Solar-Powered Trail Camera Specification:

– Photo Resolution: 30MP, 24MP, 20MP, 16MP, 12MP
– Video Resolution:
– 4k (3840 x 2160, 30fps), 2K (2560 x 1440, 30fps), 1296P(2304 x 1296,30fps)
– Distance of Night Vision: 65FT(20m)
– IR Flash: 36pcs infrared LEDs (850nm)
– Screen: 2.0″ color TFT LCD
– Waterproof: IP66

App Connection:

Step 1: Click APP “Turn on Bluetooth”

Step 2: Select your Bluetooth device in the “Device List”

Step 3: Click APP “Turn on WiFi”

Step 4: Click “WiFi Settings” to connect to the hotspot of the trail camera

Step 5: Return to APP and click “+” to connect the trail camera

– Recommend using MICRO SD/SDHC Class 10 and above Card up to a capacity of 128GB. (Not
– Recommend using 4*1.5V Alkaline AA LR6 battery in low temperature. (Not Included)

Please note:
– The lithium battery may not operate efficiently I low-temperatures, it is recommended to use AA
batteries at low temperature.
– The name of the APP for this camera is “Game Camera Pro”.
– The trail camera has “Auto power off” function. If there is no operation in the selected time, the
camera will turn off automatically in the setup mode.

What’s in the box:
1 x Wildlife Camera with Solar Panel
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Threaded Tripod
3 x Screw
1 x Mounting Belt


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