Kyvol Vigoair HD3 Cool Mist Humidifier


Looking for dry air relief? Look no further than the most effective cool mist humidifier yet. You will wish you had this product years ago.

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Kyvol Vigoair HD3 Cool Mist Humidifier

Looking for dry air relief? Look no further than the most effective cool mist humidifier yet. You will wish you had this product years ago.

1.2Gal/4.5L Large Water Tank for up to 75H Runtime: Vigoair HD3 humidifier comes with a 1.2Gal/4.5L large tank and super long runtime of up to 75 hours, saving you the trouble of frequent refilling.

360 Nozzle for Full Coverage: HD3’s flexible 360 nozzle helps evenly distribute the fine mist to a large room of up to 430 ft .
26dB Quiet Operation: HD3 humidifier works at a super-quiet sound level of only 26dB, which is almost as quiet as a whisper. Enjoy the comfortable cool mist in your sound sleep.

Baby Room Humidifier: The water tank of HD3 humidifier is made of durable BPA-free material, making it safe for baby nursery and kids’ room.
Filter less Humidifier: No expensive filters are needed thanks to HD3’s advanced ultrasonic technology, saving you much time, money, and energy.

Soothe Dry Skin:
Humidify your home and soothe dry skin by keeping proper air humidity at around 45% to 60%.

Relieve Symptoms:
Proper humidity helps reduce coughing, congestion and other symptoms.

Get Better Sleep:
Increased air humidity ensures better sleep quality. Sleep tight with Kyvol HD3 humidifier!

Keep Plants Healthy:
Adds mist into the air to help indoor plants grow healthier, especially during dry winter season.

75 Hours Long-lasting Runtime:
Vigoair HD3 enjoys super long working time of up to 75 hours.

1.2Gal/4.5L Capacity for Large Coverage:
The 1.2Gal/4.5L large water tank of HD3 enables it to humidify rooms of 20-40 m /215-430 ft .

The Best Humidifier for Plants:
HD3 helps create a corner with proper humidity to protect the health of your leafy friends.

26dB Whisper Quiet Operation:
Vigoair HD3’s working noise is only 26dB. With its company, you can barely hear anything while sleeping.

Considerate Design:

360 Rotating Nozzle:
The 360 rotating nozzle adds moisture to the air in an all-around.

High & Fine Atomized Particles:
5-8?m atomized particles evaporate quickly, efficiently increasing indoor humidity without wetting your desktop.

Better for Baby Nursery:
Vigoair HD3 1.2Gal/4.5L Cool Mist Humidifier is made with BPA-free Material, especially great for babies.

Detachable Ceramic Odour Filter Balls:
The humidifiers’ porous rock layer eliminates peculiar smell and micro materials in the water, providing healthy cool mist.

Water-proof Coating:
The water-resistant coating protects the circuit boards from moisture and ensures the long service life.

Dust-proof Sponge:
You can rest assured that the dust-proof sponge can efficiently trap dust from the air.

Model Number: Vigoair HD3
Colour: White
Control Type: Control Knob
Water Tank Capacity: 4.5 L
Refilling Type: Refill from the bottom
Mist Amount: 60-300
Runtime: 13 – 75 hours
Mist Modes: Flexible adjustment
Mist Height: 65cm
Spray nozzle: 360 degrees, detachable
Water Tank Diameter: 47mm
Noise level: Less than 26 db
Water Tank Light: Yes
Handle: Yes
Water-Proof Nano Coating: Yes
NTC Protection: Yes
BPA Free: Yes
Dustproof Cotton: Yes
Applicable Area: Yes
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Product Size: 375x208x168mm
Retail Product Size: 400x240x190mm
Product Net Weight: 1.55
Retail box Net Weight: 2.08

What’s in the box
1 x Vigoair Humidifier


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